ZAKOPANE, Nowatorska Street 59

  1. On the day of booking there is a down payment that equals 30% charge of the period of stay. In case of booking cancellation, down payment is non-returnable.
  2. Paid-up down payment is non-repayable. In case of resignation of a paid-up stay, the charge is non-returnable either.
  3. Reservation rules done through other web portals: Booking, Trivago are stated on these websites.
  4. Checking-in is made by showing a valid identity document (an ID card or a passport). Without showing the valid document, the receptionist may refuse to proceed the check-in.
  5. Payment for the stay is made during the check-in.
  6. In dormitory rooms there are no towels – charge for renting is 5 zł apiece.
  7. When leaving the hostel, please leave the room key at the reception desk. Losing the key results in a charge of 25 zł payable at the check-out.
  8. Accommodation days are counted from 2 p.m. to 10 a.m. on the departure day. Checking-in before 2 p.m. is possible only if the room is available and ready to rent. In case of extending the accommodation day, a fee for the next accomodation day will be charged.
  9. Extending your stay is possible only if there is a free room.
  10. We send back items left in the hostel on the Guest’s request, who covers delivery costs. Period of storing the items lasts 30 days.
  11. People who aren’t checked-in are allowed to stay on the hostel premises only with the receptionist’s consent.
  12. Quiet hours must be respected at the hostel from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Disturbing the peace at night may result in refusing to provide further services.
  13. Hostel Guests can use the kitchen and the sitting room. In the kitchen the self-service is required. Those who use the kitchen utilities should clean up after themeselves keep the kitchen clean.
  14. In the hostel there is a washing machine – charge for one washing is 10 zł (5 kg capacity).
  15. On the hostel premises there is a smoking ban except the smoking area, under penalty of 50 zł.
  16. On the hostel premises it is prohibited to consume alcohol and having/taking other intoxicants, under penalty of 100 zł.
  17. Responsibility of the hostel is limited only to the things left in the luggage room. Locking things in cupboards/lockers is recommended.
  18. Hostel Guest is materially responsible for any kind of the hostel’s furnishings and devices damage due to their or visitors’ fault.
  19. There are no conditions for keeping pets in the hostel.
  20. In case of violation of the above rules, the hostel may refuse to provide further services to the person who violates them. Such a person is required to comply with the hostel demands, pay a total amount of the stay (a whole cost of the stay), cover damage costs and leave the hostel premises.
  21. Hostel may refuse to accommodate the person who during his/her last stay violated the hostel rules or disrupted its functioning in other way.